The International Cricketers Association Academy seeks to develop talented young cricketers and turn them into professional players capable of competing at the highest levels of the game.


To ensure that cricketing talent irrespective of background does not lay undiscovered and that young players are given every opportunity, coaching wise, to fulfil that talent


Try to place our players into clubs, minor counties, counties and T20 Leagues around the world. We can achieve this goal only through the combined efforts of our coaches together with the hard work of our students

ica academy squad

Stage one

We want to find 20 players between the ages of 16-24 who we will coach and then promote to clubs, minor counties, counties and T20 Leagues around the world.


A talent hunt run by our coaches will determine our final squad, called the “ICA Elites,” which will be selected by a panel of experts.


Our squad, the “ICA Elites,” will receive expert coaching from some of the best cricketers in the game such as  Aamir Sohail, Misbah-ul-Haq, Mushtaq Ahmed Inzimam-ul-Haq and Saeed Ajmal.

The talent hunt will begin in Luton and travel to other towns and cities in the UK. Once the shortlist is finalised ICA will ensure those players receive expert coaching and promotion at all levels of the game.


With the help of local clubs we hope to offer the same model for women’s cricket.

Stage two

Workshops and coaching clinics will be held on a regular basis so that young cricketers of all abilities can also come along and be coached by our team of experts. One to one coaching will also be available. Fees will apply.