Meet Moghees Ahmed, A Successful Athlete Manager

Being an athlete manager, I have been managing endorsements to sponsorships to any other commercial activities. Coordination on sales and sponsors is an important aspect to deal with. I have dealt with these aspects and successfully managed multiple sponsorship deals, negotiations of terms & conditions and all the commercial contracts that an athlete has to sign.

Some of the major cricketers that I have managed are, Misbah-Ul-Haq, Saeed Ajmal Naseem Shah, Asif Ali, Mohammad Abbas, Mohammad Hafeez and Sarfaraz Ahmed. From managing their Media and PR to dealing with their logistical issues, I have been doing all.

Dates and schedules is another key thing an athlete manager has to do and I have successfully done that too. A key factor that I keep in mind while managing their dates and schedule is that their sports time must not be compromised for endorsements, advertisements and other commercial activities.

Organising Fund Raising games including all the Cricketing stars is also one of my accomplishments. I’ve successfully managed sponsorships for different teams and different events to make it successful.

I’ve made all the necessary arrangements as well during commercial shoots of the athletes. In this way, the athlete just has to shoot and not contribute in anything extra, neither it is too hectic for him. The last and perhaps most necessary thing is to deal with the finances. Receiving payments on time from organizations, tax issues are managed well by me. In this way, the athlete is never troubled by these issues and it creates a healthy relationship between the sportsman and the agent.

All in all, my clients are satisfied with me, and it is my goal and passion to promote cricket and cricketers and particularly stars from the emerging Cricketing nations so that they have equal opportunity to be successful in the game.

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