ICA Sports Plus Signs The World’s 7th Fastest Sprinter, Crystal Emmanuel

The International Cricketers Association’s, sister company ICA Sports Plus is overwhelmed to welcome Crystal Emmanuel, the Canadian fastest Sprinter who specializes in 200 meters.


The company is fulfilling its purpose to promote the sporting alliance, achieves bigger milestones every day signing in the great names from the sporting community. Not only athletes, but global’s biggest drillmasters are also the agency’s part that renders mutual benefits for the two terminals; ICA and its clients.


ICA Sports Plus is founded by Moghees Ahmed, who is working in close collaboration with big sports celebrities, especially cricketing names across the world. He is creating value for all his patrons. He has never failed to amplified interest in the cerebrum of the global cricketers that entice them towards the forum.


Now, declaring an upper hand towards non-cricketing athletes, he is incited to embrace Crystal who is now ICA sports plus’ part that is a chapter of ICA which deals with athlete’s marketing and sponsorships. ICA sports plus have footballers, celebrities, sprinters/runners, and a vast list of other sporting celebrities.



“Indeed, a very big achievement for two of us (ICA and Crystal)” – Moghees Ahmed


Crystal Emmanuel, the Canadian Olympic athlete, is the renowned champion in both; 100m and 200m as of July 2018. She holds the 200m record for Canada. Despite completing this event in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, the roar of the lioness was obscured unluckily.


Not only this, the lady has distinct achievements in her years-old career. Despite being crowned as ‘Champion’ on several occasions, she has reached the quarterfinals, semi-finals, and finals multiple times in her tenure’s championships, Olympic contests. Crystal owns a silver medal in the Athletics at the 2019 Pan American Games‎ – Women’s 4 x 100-meter relay.


Portraying her accomplishments, she writes,

  • National Record Holder in the 200M,
  • 6x National Champion in the 100M,
  • 5X National Champion in the 200M,
  • 2X Olympian for Team Canada at the 2012 & 2016 Olympics


Her motive is to empower all sporting women alongside polishing her existing expertise to an ‘extra’ extent. Crystal’s objective is to be the greatest female sprinters of all time.



“Always striving to better my craft not only for my success but to empower all women in sport; I will leave no stone unturned on my journey to becoming one of the greatest female sprinters of all time.”- Crystal


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