Moghees Ahmed, the man behind ICA’s success

Moghees Ahmed, the man behind ICA's success
Moghees Ahmed, the man behind ICA’s success

Moghees Ahmed has gathered his interest in sports altogether to form a forum, the International Cricketers Association (ICA). The chairman, probably the CEO and founder of the agency has been working in close collaboration with the sports bodies, especially cricketers, providing them a chance to flourish their careers gaining the spotlight in the fraternity.


The company is fulfilling its purpose to promote the sporting alliance, achieves bigger milestones every day signing in the great names from the cricketing community. Not only players, but global’s biggest drillmasters are also the agency’s part that renders mutual benefits for the two terminals; ICA and its clients.


Moghees, signing the big names from cricket, also has given an upper hand to non-cricketing games becoming the fortitude of the athletes so they can lighten up to the fullest. His mind-blowing initiative, ICA sports plus is assisting non-cricketing athletes to grasp the limelight in the sporting ambiance.


ICA sports plus’ part is a chapter of ICA which deals with athlete’s marketing and sponsorships. ICA sports plus has gracefully been welcoming footballers, celebrities, sprinters/runners, and a vast list of other sporting celebrities over the years.


The multi-business owner also has endowed the International Cricketers XI, a team that plays exhibition matches against clubs sides in England, Europe, and the USA. He himself has contested several rivalries for MCC in the keen process of membership required by the esteemed club.


Not only this, but Moghees Ahmed is also the Director of SGC Group of Companies, a respected member of Lords Taverners, ScoreLine Asia Magazine UK Correspondent.


Whether in business or sport, He has an extraordinary track record of:


  • Managing high-profile projects and delivering them on time and on budget
    International commercial expertise
  • Organizing events involving star cricketers, including fund-raising games and dinners
  • Being self-motivated and highly organized – two vital qualities for his two areas of interest
  • Tailoring sponsorship to the right event, crucial in both business and sport


The mastermind also owns multi businesses named MobileStoreOnline, PhoneParts, and as mentioned, ICA and ICA SportsPlus


He is jovial over his achievements and serving the cricketing, sporting community with his ambitions.


I am exhilarated to be ICA’s part, glad to help out not only the cricketers for their fate but also the athletes from all over the globe.
I’m glad to embrace all the veteran mentors to our panel that works for the two-sided benefit for all of us and hope to see the agency thriving even more giving equal blooms to all its patrons.

Opening up on his accomplishments and flourishing journey, he writes on his LinkedIn profile that,


I am a highly experienced and commercially astute business leader with a wealth of expertise and technical knowledge. I also possess strong leadership skills and have a proven track record of delivering results during every stage of the business cycle.
A self-starter, I have set up and driven successful wholesale and retail commercial partnerships within the UK, Europe, the US, and Asia – most notably the Mobile Store chain of telecommunication outlets in Britain.
A champion of team collaboration, I also have interests in the management of top-class cricket players and teams. Having traveled extensively, and with good contacts throughout the cricket world, I have organized numerous exhibition/charity matches featuring some of the great names of the game.
This part of my specialty has a great global reach with places like Qatar, the USA, Italy, and Norway, not to mention the UK, having all held cricket matches organized by me and my team.
I have also placed leading cricketers into some of the world’s great T20 leagues, as well as County Cricket sides in England.

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