ICA USA features big names from the cricket world


ICA USA features big names from cricket world
ICA USA features big names from cricket world


ICA USA: The International Cricketers Association (ICA) is the leading and most accredited sports talent agency in the United States of America (USA). It specializes in the recruitment, placement of professional cricketers, and emerging talent from across the globe.


The agency has been working under the mentorship of Moghees Ahmed, the CEO and chairman of ICA. Being a master of management, he has been forming distinct teams in the USA to enhance cricket in the region.


Moghees, the athlete marketing specialist and the event organiser, has been helping sportspeople grow to gain the hype across the world. He has organised numerous cricketing events under his polished administration across the realm representing ICA and its sister companies.


ICA carries a broad exposure in player management, franchise cricket opportunities, exhibition matches, endorsement, charity games, and coaching featuring big names from the cricket world.


ICA USA accommodates the big names from the US cricket fellowship such as Syed Abdullah, Usman Rafiq, S Taylor, Asad Ghous, and Fahad Babar.


ICA USA features big names from the cricket world


The company provides a clear opportunity to the cricket fraternity to register its club on its vast forum. It allows the cricket world to boost up its clubs, regions, teams by every means while registering with one of the most extensive sporting alliances around the globe, ICA.


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